The One Year Anniversary

08.05.2019, 9:45:54 PM, posted by Zandalarian
Greetings Zandalarians

We've reached our first year and we're honoured to have such loyal players like you.

We at Alpha-Realms, would like to say  thank you to all new players for choosing us joining the family and giving us th eopportunity to grow.
A special thank you goes to our VIP players who have supported us, and with their help assisted us with getting our project off the ground, we are very grateful for your continued patronage.

Now, to show our appreciation to to you all for your loyalty, we have a special treat for you:

Special Zone

- Insane loots
- Quests with juicy rewards 
- Three levels of creatures and bosses
- Jumping and Seek event

Promo Spells

- Every class get a new AOE spell
- Price is set to symbolic 100 event coins
- You can find it in H.U.N.T.E.R npc

Once more thank you for your support and loyalty, it means a lot to us. We hope to have more successful years with all of you.

Don't forgot to give us feedback

Best regards,

Alpha-Realms Team