Recruitment & Youtube Channel

01.09.2018, 8:22:35 PM, posted by Zandalarian

Hello Zandalarians,

 I am glad that I can show you our first trailer for Zandalari 2.4.3. As we already said, We have had ideas about relasing videos with features and custom content from our project. Here is link for our Youtube Channel. Please subscribe and stay tuned for more! 

 We are hiring! The time has come to bolster our ranks, and get things moving forward! The task we have ahead of us is a long road which requires dedication and commitment. This is something no person can do alone, so we decided to create a recruitment campaign.

Here is a list of positons where we require your help:

- Admin 0/1 
- Head EM/GM 0/1
- Eventer 0/5 

What we can offer to you? 

-Well developer server based on mostly finished & secured core 
-Daily rewards for your job -Support for your ideas & events 
-Experience with database and game -Test Server 24/7 
-Growing Community 
-Friendly staff members 

 Contact me via Server Discord or PM : VariousDaemon#8569 Join us Today!