Christmas Event!!

3 days ago, at 11:15:32 AM, posted by Zandalarian
Christmas Event!!

We are more than delighted to announce our new limited time mode Christmas event has finally arrived into the world of Zandalari.

Just as you enter the game you will notice in our very own custom created shop that you can find a large Christmas tree. Beneath the tree, you will find a lot of gifts these will allow you to earn Free buffs which could be found for Vip's and through donation.

Aswell as you can find Santa who is ready to present to you a daily gift box along with another quest if you wish to gain for boxes.

Now moving on to the custom content, We have a snowman which can found either at the shop or the Christmas event zone ( Teleporter - Other - Christmas event[Boxes] There you can complete these quests by talking to the Christmas guardian to get around on the mobs.

Rewards found in these boxes:

Range from free BT(Black Temple) set tokens all the way to multiple useful quest items including different raid berserks and Bags.

For any matters contact the staff using Discord or Facebook.

A small cracker that may set you off
Why did Santa's Elf see the doctor? Because he had a Low "Elf" Esteem

Zandalari Team