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Welcome to Zandalari 2.4.3

Zandalari 2.4.3 Funserver! Max. level 70, hp up to 5m. Fully scripted instances like Black Temple, Hyjal Summit, Blackwing Lair. 1vs1 Arenas and Crossfaction!Join us Now!

XtremeWoW migration to Alpha Realms!

By Zandalarian, 10.09.2018, 5:26:15 PM

Greetings, some exciting news for us to announce! XtremeWoW and Zandalari wow have now merged into one bigger and better community! The Migration has begun and here is what you can expect.."

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Christi 25, United States

First well developer custom server. Reg your account and play with us.

Tom 21, England

A great server with an awesome progression system.

Christian 25, Romania

Zandalari is just place for all players! Nice work.