Website Features

Zandalari Recruit a Friend

Recruit your Friends

Recruiting friends has many benefits! Your friends, however, must become eligable for the program. To become eligible, your referrals must have at least one level 60 character.

Zandalari Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker

You can report any non working content in-game or on our website or forum. If we approve your bug report you will receive 4 Silver Coins. Please try to include as much information in the report as you can, set the right priority of your report and the right category.

Zandalari Items Store

Items Store

In reward of your voting and support of our community you will be able to spend your Silver or Gold Coins on our store. You can purchase all items bellow item level 248 with Silver Coins or Gold Coins. You can also purchase more than one item at a time. (See how to use the Store here !)

Zandalari Bug Tracker


The changelog page enables you to view our developers current projects.. Please keep in mind that not all changes are currently applied to the game or the website, but will be on the next server restart.

Game Features

Zandalari Crossfaction Battlegrounds

Crossfaction Battlegrounds

With our perfect-made crossfaction battlegrounds system you never get nervous of unbalanced team! The system balances players on both sides to get equal amount!

Zandalari Arena Crystals

Arena Crystals

Is your team ready and you just hate waiting the preparation time? Wow! From now on, you can simply click the arena crystals before the arena match starts! If players on both sides of arena click the crystal and agree to start earlier, the match stars in 15s. You heard right, 15s!

Zandalari Played Time Rewards

Played Time Rewards

The longer you play, the better rewards you get! That´s right! For playing continuously an hour, you get a reward. You play, we gain!

Zandalari Full of Features

Full of Features

Guessing from the name and still nothing on your mind? Let us help you a bit! Zandalari offers many more features that you simply explore and use during playing! We just want you to explore ingame, and enjoy as much as we did when building those for you!