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Solo Content

12 Dec, 2018633 Views     0 Comments

Greetings Zandalarians

To enjoy this content head over to our custom teleporter and select Dungeons - Field of Justice - Alpha Isle or Beta Sanctum and also Botanica instance.

New Solo content is now available for everyone:

Alpha Isles - Is purely offset gear ultiple quests to enjoy

Beta Sanctum
- Is purely main set and weapons. These items gives you power to clear next level dungeons like AQ or Blackwing Lair.

Botanica - Is a set upgrade to help you clear Black Temple instance a lot easier.

The reason why we relased the solo content was to help make it a lot easier for player to start off the gearing quest.

All quests will have a description of what you have to do to complete the successfully.
For any questions contact a member of staff using discord or facebook.

Best regards,

Alpha-Realms Team