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Expansion Mashup!

09 Aug, 2018104 Views     0 Comments

 we are glad to introduce you new Mounts,Pets,Items in the Burning Crusade expansion.
 Yes its here! We finally converted models from latest expansions. It takes a few days of time but the result is insane!

 What we already did?

 - 60% and 100% mounts for Paladin and Warlock
 - Alliance and Horde Druid Forms
 - Warlock Pets
 - Mage Elemental 
 - Shaman Elemental
 - Hunter Pets
 - Druid Moonfire & Temporary Pets
 - 300 new item icons for necklaces, rings, trinkets
What we want to do?

- Convert legendary artifacts 
- Convert custom mounts
- Improve the client
- Implement Achivements

How it works?
We found a method how to double convert items/creatures/spells from latest expansions into wotlk and then into tbc. Everything is client side so if you dont have patch there is no problem with the game.
Download our custom launcher, put it into /wow folder and run as administrator. This app automatically update your patch, client, realmlist, cache so you can just focus on your game! Dont worry autocast programs and addons works fine.

Enjoy the power of custom patch. See you ingame!