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Expansion Mashup!

09 Aug, 2018491 Views     0 Comments

Expansion Mashup!

 we are glad to introduce the addition of new Mounts, Pets, Items to the Burning Crusade expansion.
 Yes its here! We finally achieved to convert models from the latest expansions. It took a few days to complete this goal, but the results are insane!

 What we have managed to achieve so far:

 -  We changed the look for the 60% and 100% mounts for Paladins and Warlocks to that of the latest expansion.
 - Changed the Alliance and Horde Druid Forms to those of the near to latest expansion.
 - Warlock Pets now have new amazing looking models.
 - Mage Elemental Received a makeover in looks.
 - Shaman Elemental has been. 
 - Hunter Pets New pets now available to tame and enjoy.
 - We managed to export Druid Moonfire & Temporary Pets form the latest expansions.
 - 300 New icons for items and consumables Which we are proud to have managed to do.
What are we currently working on?

- Introducing the favored legion legendary artifact system.
- Introducing a wide range of custom mounts for you to enjoy.
- Improve the client drastically to make it a lot more user-friendly.
- Implementation of Achievements Based on the latest expansion which grants you a wide sort of titles 

How does it work?
We found a method which allowed us to manage in converting items/creatures/spells from the latest expansions through Wotlk and finally placing them into TBC. In order to view these insane changes, it is required that you download our very own custom patch found on the website
Download our custom launcher, place it into your own wow folder and run it as administrator. This app will automatically update your patch, client, realmlist, cache to that of the latest leaving you to just focus on the game! Dont worry autocast programs and addons work fine.

Enjoy the Amazing custom patch. See you ingame!

Zandalari Team