Transmog Event II

Fri Oct 12, 2018, 09:47 PM

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                      Transmog Event                       (17.10.2018-1.11.2018)

   Event info:
     - Post a picture of your transmog as a reply to this topic to enter the event.
     - Winners will be chosen by Admin Divinity based on creativity and originality .
     - The event will have 3 winners only ,naturally the first place getting the best rewards.

     - 1st place :
          1000 Arena points
          250 Kill rewards
          5 Gold bars
          1 epic mount of your choice
          1 Arena Master's item ( be it set piece or weapon)
     - 2nd Place :
          500 Arena points
          50 kill rewards
          2 Gold bars
          1 epic mount of your choice 
          1 Arena Master's off weapon 
      - 3rd Place :
          250 Arena points
          25 Kill rewards
          1 Gold bar
          1 Epic mount of your choice 

Event over! The winners are :

   -1st place Fakelool! -You've done a great job creating an original transmog and fitting it into the right environment ,well done and congrats
   -2nd place Thazdingo -Your transmog is really creative and funny,one of the best but also one of my favourite for fun events,meaning,i've seen it before so it's not your original.anyway well thought ,congrats.
   -3nd place Dade  - The originality of your transmog comes from the recolored part,i really like the twist u gave it,well done and congrats.

                                                                Thanks for participating!
                                                                                 Zandalari Team 
                                                                                     Tft PIMP :D Dade Yywori Bernar
As I do not see a point in dragging this any longer,the winners of the 2nd transmog event will be announced tonight.Friday 26/10/2018,at 6PM BST.

                                                             Admin Divinity.
Post the winners in here please.