Fishing Extravaganza!!!!

28.12.2018, 9:21:33 AM, posted by Zandalarian
Greetings Zandalarians

We finally relased one of our weekly events.
Enjoy yourselves every friday some insane amout of rewards all from fishing! Hop ingame and cast your rods against the ports of our custom shop and earn yourselves these juicy rewards.

This event starts every FRIDAY between 20:00 - 00:00 

Extra items available in the loot:

1) Stromrage's Privilege
2) Gold Dust
3) Item Enchants
4) Elune's Blessing
5) Mega Gold Bars
6) Exclusive Reputations

Enjoy this exciting time and don't forget the fishing bot is allowed.

Here is the direct link to download section . Go ahead and download this usefull application.

Best regards,

Alpha - Realms Team