ARAC is here! All race All class patch now available

28.08.2018, 4:11:24 PM, posted by Zandalarian
Greetings ,

We are happy to announce the next of the many features which will set us apart from any other server! The any race, any class patch has landed!

Our team of developers did a great job again so we are now able to enjoy this amazing and unique feature. Crossfaction BG work 100%, we have however come across a couple of issues due to our new feature, but this is to be expected! But rest assured our dedicated team of staff are working tirelessly to get these features polished to meet our high standards! 

As you know we relased Battle of Mount Hyjal instead of Karazhan. We have streamlined the experience to help the player jump into the contect we feel matters the most! 

Here is just some info about progress:

 Aliance Base - 2x Boss 
 Horde Base - 2x Boss 
 Night Elf Camp - 1x Boss 

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Much love,

 Zandalari WoW team