WAP Hack & Banned Players

14.08.2018, 3:11:39 PM, posted by Zandalarian
Hello There

 After 2 days of hard work, we completly disabled WoW Admin Panel Hack! Our fix is based on movement flags/packets.
 Players are not able to use any hacks now without us picking it up automatically! 

 Fly Hack - completly disabled 
 Speed Hack - completly disabled 
 Gravity - completly disabled 
 Air Jump - completly disabled 
 Nofall - completly disabled 
 Wall Climb - completly disabled

All other hacks for spam/packet edits like WPE are completly disabled. Our Movement anticheat does not cause a movement bug during jumping or changing forms as druid etc. All hackers unbanned, there is no reason to ban them now.

Again thank you for your continued support and dedication! 

Much love, 

Zandalari WoW Team